A patented anti-vibration plate for snowboards and skis for alpine skiing.


1. It allows an unobstructed bending of the snowboard or ski.

2. It dampens vibrations!

3. It allows for an even grip of the edge.

4. It reduces tiredness.

5. It reduces knee pain induced when skiing.

Allflex and fakes – a notification for snowboarders and skiers

Fake versions of the Allflex plates have emerged in the snowboarding circles in the past year: in Germany, Japan and Slovenia.

Let me clarify that Allflex plates are patented, and I'm the owner and holder of the European patent No. 08873738.2, which was granted to me for Allflex platforms, taking into account the fact that the patent is granted for an invention in the technical field, which is new on the inventive level and capable of industrial application.

The granted patent ensures the holder exclusive rights, namely if the subject matter of the patent is a product, which the Allflex platforms definitely are. The law prevents third parties not having the owner's consent from the acts of making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing for these purposes that product; where the subject matter of a patent is a process, the law prevents third parties not having the owner's consent from the act of using the process, and from the acts of: using, offering for sale, selling, or importing for these purposes at least the product obtained directly by that process, and the range of patent protection is defined with the contents of the patent claim.

It is clear that patent protection also protects patent holders from unlawful use of the invention and related patent rights within the scope of the international conventions and the Industrial Property Act, considering the purpose of the invention, which is to solve the problems of vibrations in skiing and snowboarding, making skiing and snowboarding significantly faster due to decreased vibrations, which benefits the racers using the Allflex technique.

I would also like to inform you that the fakes that are appearing in Slovenia and abroad do not have comparable characteristics to Allflex plates. The fakes were commissioned from a private firm from Slovenske Konjice by Gorazd Polanec, father of Slovenian team member, Iva Polanec, who is the sister of Anže Polanec, head of the snowboarding section at the Ski Association of Slovenia, and Metod Marguč, member of the management of the snowboarding section at the Ski Association of Slovenia and father of Slovenian racer, Rok Marguč.

These unlawful actions of theirs, which are definitely contrary to morality and ethics and also the law itself, because they deceived consumers by supplying and distributing Allflex plate fakes with the purpose of their own gain, undoubtedly caused reasonable doubt that they showed all legal indications of a criminal act, namely unjustified use of an invention under the provisions of Article 239 of the Criminal Code, so the fakes are not worth more than the price of scrap material, even if Rok Marguč is now selling them personally on Facebook at the price of €750.

Let me add that Rok Marguč experienced first hand that the fakes don't perform well, so he went back to the original Allflex plate at the races in Rogla and Moscow. But he is now selling the fakes online, which prompted this notification. Dear readers, I advise against buying plates from falsifiers as they are far from the quality and technical characteristics of Allflex plates.

Relevant criminal complaints, as well as civil law claims, have been filed to authorities against the parties involved in falsifying and distributing fakes.

Let me also say that appropriate procedures have been initiated abroad for unlawful falsifying of the patented invention for Allflex platforms, where fakes have been manufactured and distributed. In that vein I would like to warn the consumers not to purchase and use products bought outside of Slovenia as the fakes of the Allflex platform as determined by competent authorities will be destroyed by law.

The fakes from countries in which we do not have patent protection will be inspected at the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) in Rosenheim, Germany, to determine the adequacy of technical characteristics of fakes compared to the original Allflex platform. If the fakes do not match the quality and technical characteristics of the Allflex platforms, we will prosecute the falsifiers for unfair competition and discrediting the reputation of the Allflex platforms.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and am glad if I have dissuaded you from a bad purchase.


Aco Sitar

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